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Access Point Control 

Iron Guards security company is also providing the service of access point controller. Access points use authorization to control unauthorized access. To extend the coverage area, we are using multiple access unifi controller together under a Wireless access point controller. We have the experience, commitment, and expert team to complete jobs of any kind.

Access control for a security guard

Access point control is a security function that determines which people should have access to certain physical areas or information. Two types of access control: physical and logical. Physical access control includes things like turnstiles, barricades, key card access, doors and locks, and even guards.

Detection, Deterrence & Observation

Detection is about looking for and noticing potential criminal activity, ideally before a problem and/or crime occurs. Guards observe who or what is in their area and find out if it is friend or foe. Guards are always on the lookout for suspicious people or activities. They are also trained to notice if and when emergencies arise. What do our guards deter? They usually deter criminals just by their presence. This is because criminals do not like to be around security guards. Criminals look for unguarded places to commit their crimes. Uniformed guards can deter criminals just by wearing their uniforms and showing their physical presence. Of course, they can also use their voice to talk to suspicious people.