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Apartment Security 

Security Deter Crimes from Even Happening

Hiring security guards to monitor your apartment is an effective way to prevent crime before it even happens. Criminals want an easy target. Low risk and high reward are the ideal scenarios. For this reason, security guard services can prevent crime simply by being present. However, it is necessary to know that quality matters when hiring security guards. Appearance and skills are important. You want to hire qualified professionals in uniform who have the proper training to protect your residents from criminal activity. We also have patrol cars similar to police officers.

Security Services Change a Property Value and Perception

Improving the security in your apartment buildings or condominiums isn’t just an expense. It is also a way to increase the value and profit of your residential property. The changes that come with the presence of security guards are numerous.

Experience Higher Renewal Rates and Profits

 It is worth paying high rent for a safe apartment or condominium. If your property aligns with the quality of your security, you will also find that leases are renewed more often. Once they find a place that offers them a comfortable level of security, they will be less inclined to leave.

Elevate Your Tenant Quality

 Troublesome tenants do not like to attract attention. If you bring an Iron-Guards security guard company into your residential area, they will be less likely to want to stick around. You’ll find that the ruffians are less inclined to linger and renew their leases. And when you increase your amenities and rent, you also increase the quality of your tenants. Those who are interested in your property are more likely to prefer a safe neighbourhood with attractive amenities than a low rent. In the end, everyone wins.

Respond to emergencies

 In the unfortunate event that a security breach occurs, our apartment security guards are trained to respond quickly and effectively to resolve issues. Because they are located on the property, the security guard for apartment can respond to an alarm or emergency call immediately, often before law enforcement arrives on the scene. As first responders, guards are trained to calmly communicate with emergency personnel and effectively manage stressful situations.

Coordinate with management and law enforcement

 Security guards prepare reports on all security incidents that occur on the property. Their reports help coordinate with property management and address any security vulnerabilities that occur. In addition, apartment door security guards are trained on how to contact law enforcement and emergency medical personnel when necessary. If they are unable or do not have the authority to mitigate a threat, security staff will communicate with the appropriate agency to ensure help is on the way.

Patrol the grounds and parking areas

Both foot and mobile patrols are an effective means of preventing crime in housing developments. Car parks are often the scene of crimes, especially those that are dimly lit and not patrolled by security guards. Apartment security guard make regular rounds to identify suspicious behaviour and diffuse any threats they detect. Security staff work directly with management to determine where the property is most vulnerable and how best to patrol to prevent crime.