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Executive Security

Iron Guard has been providing many services for executive protection. Some of them are:

  • Executive Securityguard to secure transport services – door-to-door
  • Surveillance and Counter-surveillance
  • Anticipatory team deployments arriving before the person at risk to ensure safe arrival
  • Risk analysis and vulnerability assessment
  • Armed and experienced security officers
  • Protection of family members

Iron Guard Executive protection services have been protecting its clients who require the highest level of security. It’s important to know that our security professionals are constantly educating themselves to keep up with current threats and issues.

We Have Proactive Rather Than Reactive Security Plans

The best security companies provide protection based on a proactive process of threat analysis and mitigation. You do not want to work with a security firm that has a “wait and see” strategy and only deals with dangerous situations when they arise.

A proactive security program uses risk analysis and mitigation to find just the right level of protection. They understand all risks, threats, and vulnerabilities and then examine them piece by piece to develop a plan to address them. Only when these potential threats have been properly assessed will the company develop a plan to deal with each situation. This will reduce risks in situations where the threat is high and make security more tolerable in situations where the threat is low or non-existent.

We have a Staff of Experienced Professionals

No doubt we have all seen the teenage security guard in a shopping mall who is expected to provide security in that environment. Or the opposite – the security guard who is well into his 60s and is still expected to handle any situation. A good executive protection company will employ former law enforcement officers, veterans, or other individuals who have worked in highly skilled security environments. These individuals already have experience with executive protection. You do not have to worry about “training” them. They are experienced professionals who can provide the protection you need.

Contact Iron Guard for Executive Protection Services

 It is relatively easy for anyone who follows the news media or the internet closely to find out where an executive is traveling. If the executive security services are inadequate, someone could try something threatening. Iron Guard is one of the best executive protection companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate all potential threats and dangers that a CEO or other executive might face. We employ experts in every area of security we cover. Working with Iron Guard for executive protection means you’ll be working with a member of our team who specializes in CEO security.