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Gated Community Security

Gated communities can enhance their security by introducing motion indicators that trigger a camera recording, spotlight, or alarm. Our gate guard services will help you to secure access points by focusing on vehicle gates and pedestrian gates.

To diminish the possibilities of a security breach, gated communities should consider 24/7 security. Having a gated security officer on the grounds and accessible to answer any security issues gives an additional level of safety to the community. To Increase the safety of a gated community you need to hire professional, trained, and experienced gate security guard. Our well-focused security team will be able to establish clear roles and responsibilities for the team to cover throughout the community. Then, what are you waiting for? Contact our team for further information about gated community guard services. 

Security personnel conduct night patrols

Security cameras and gates can only have a limited effect, especially at night. Intruders, emergencies, prowlers and even roaming wildlife can go undetected when residents are asleep and cameras are dark. Random gated security patrols during these hours provide the human touch that night time security often lacks. Security officers not only provide a visible presence when the community is most vulnerable but also check problem areas.

Security guards help in emergencies

When you hire a gate security guard, you not only get someone who helps reduce crime. You also get a person who is trained to deal with a variety of emergencies. Officers have experience with medical emergencies, natural disasters, interpersonal conflicts, car accidents, and much more. In a busy community, one of these can happen at any time, and homeowners may not know how to help. On-site security officers can direct traffic, notify emergency responders, provide first aid, control crowds, direct emergency vehicles through the gates, and note important details for police and firefighters.

Access Control & 24/7 Security

Although there are many ways to control access to your gated community security systems, there are usually numerous shortcomings in the actual function. Automatic gates, for example, give the impression of security but are unable to enforce common mishaps such as jostling. In addition, the devices can be easily damaged by misuse and there is limited control over unwanted pedestrians. Hiring a gated community guard solves all these problems by providing a tangible authority figure who can enforce and order rules. While it is true that gated community security cameras provide protection, they can only do part of the job. At night, prowlers, intruders, dangerous situations, and possibly even wild animals can easily go undetected. If you hire a gate security guard for your gated community, they can conduct multiple, random security checks and patrols throughout the night – with the human touch that security cameras and other devices lack. The presence of a security gated guard ensures your total safety at night and makes your residential community many times safer. 

Armed guards

Another important protection that is required is armed guards. Although it is not essential to have them on the premises, it would be helpful to have some armed guards with handguns on standby. This is in case a violent crime occurs nearby. However, you can decide for yourself whether you want an armed or unarmed guard on the premises.