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Restaurant & Bar Security

Iron Guard security guard for bar video surveillance can help prevent theft, and a restaurant security camera in the right place can put an end to “dine and dash”, where customers eat but leave before the bill arrives. Here are just some of the features integrated security guard services for restaurants can provide:

  • Minimize property damage
  • Security for restaurantsensure employee safety
  • Restrict access to valuable inventory
  • Promote guest safety
  • Remote access to cameras, alarms, and user management
  • Get detailed reports to maximize efficiency
  • Improve agency response times
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Bar security guardcontrol the environment
  • Detect emergencies earlier for earlier evacuation
  • Discourage violence


Our security for restaurants greets guests with warmth, a smile, and a clear desire to serve them, while always being friendly and enthusiastic with customers and colleagues. Open and close doors for guests, always maintaining a courteous demeanor. Our security guard for bar protect bar assets and work to minimize or eliminate the risk of theft when working in or out of the bar.

Protect the management team and staff

We Serve as a bodyguard for members of the leadership team when called upon to do so. Providing security for restaurant staff at off-site events. We will protect the restaurant’s assets while minimizing or eliminating the risk of theft while working in the restaurant and car park.

Emergency response and evacuation planning

In the event of an emergency, direct the evacuation of patrons in a calm and orderly manner. Bar security has an ability to remain calm in adverse situations. They can make intelligent, critical decisions in emergencies and notify senior management when deemed necessary.

Protect your company's reputation & Discourage Violence

Your menu is not the only reason customers visit your restaurant. They also keep coming back because of your reputation. Any negative review of your business can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Not only do you have to serve great food, but you also have to keep your customers and staff safe. Stories about scary situations can quickly destroy your business. Our professional security for restaurants can make your customers feel more comfortable and safer while eating in your establishment. Violence has become a common problem for some restaurants. Fights, brawls, and shootings occur at an alarming rate, even in seemingly safe places like family restaurants. Iron Guard professional bar security guard can intervene before a situation gets out of hand, reducing the risks to other guests, your staff, and your business.

Hire Iron Guard security guards for restaurants

Security Guard Services for Restaurants are not always necessary, but for certain businesses or establishments, they should be considered and are highly justified. Ideally, a qualified and trained third-party company that specializes in hospitality security like Iron Guard should be hired to handle all security measures related to the business. Night bars, banquet halls, and businesses that host live entertainment that attracts large crowds can greatly benefit from properly trained security personnel.