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Health Care Facility Security

Virtually all hospitals are equipped with surveillance systems to ensure safety. However, in today's world, surveillance systems are sometimes not enough. Hiring private hospital security guards can help address threats more immediately than surveillance cameras can.

Hotel Security

Maintaining security guard services in hotels can be a difficult task. Between the guests coming in and out, the many different employees, the guests' visitors, and the people who may just be there for dinner or a drink at the bar. To keep the property secure can seem like an impossible task. Private security guards can help! Our team is highly trained to secure your property and give you peace of mind. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire our private security guards for your hotel.


Private Security Guards

To deal with several risks including thefts, assault, and crimes it is very important to hire a professional security guard company. We work to create a safe and secure environment in your business. Security threats not only endanger the lives and infrastructure of your premises. But also affect the reputation of your business. Thus, you cannot afford to run your business without professional private security guard services.

Construction Security

Construction site security services are essential to protect your property. Due to a large amount of expensive equipment and materials, the construction industry is often a target for theft and vandalism. Setting up systems to protect against property damage and construction site theft can save your company time and money in the long run.

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Executive Security​

Iron Guard Security Services has been providing executive protection to its clients who require the highest level of security for years. It's important to know that our security professionals are constantly educating themselves to keep up with current threats and issues.

Apartment Security

Hiring security guards to monitor your apartment is an effective way to prevent crime before it even happens. Criminals want an easy target. Low risk, high reward is ideal scenario. For this reason, security guard services can prevent crime simply by being present. However, it is necessary to know that quality matters when hiring security guards.

School Security

The security guard company Iron Guards makes students feel safer on campus.

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Building Security

Iron Guard security officers provide a sense of protection by providing critical skills intense and threatening situations. 

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Fire Watch Security

Following are some of the benefits you can get by availing our professional fire watch security guard services in your area:

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Event & Party Security

Iron Guards company security guards will remain visible at the event. These professionals can keep an eye on guests and take control of situations.

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Arena, Sports & Concert Security

Our event security personnel are well trained to meet the security needs of different types of events.

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Mall & Shopping Centre Security

Hiring a security guard is the perfect way to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for customers.

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Gated Community Security​

Gated communities can enhance their security by introducing motion indicators that trigger a camera recording, spotlight, or alarm.

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Storage Facility Security​

A team of professionals will ensure that your belongings are protected 24/7 by the following measures:

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Vacant Home & Lot Security​

Alarm systems are another way to provide security for vacant property and protect it from squatters and vandalism. 

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COVID-19 Entrance Screening​

At this time, screening everyone before entering a workplace or even as well as guard for screening is very important.

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Restaurant & Bar Security​

Iron Guard security guard for bar video surveillance can help prevent theft

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Access Point Control​

Iron Guards security company is also providing the service of access point controller.

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