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Vacant Home & Lot Security

Alarm systems are another way to provide security for vacant property and protect it from squatters and vandalism. A 24/7 monitored alarm system provides more security for vacant property than standard burglar alarms. You can also hire a security guard for home to feel safe and secure. Iron Guards home security services can provide you with a uniformed licensed home security guard who can take immediate action in the event of an alarm, no matter what time of day it is. We can also provide you with the Heras fence, which is made of a climb-proof mesh wire, making it difficult for burglars or other unauthorized persons to gain access to your property. The private home security guard will also provide full-time protection.

Vacant Properties and Criminal Activities

From littering to metal theft, vandalism and squatting, vacant properties attract the wrong kind of attention. In the commercial sector, metal theft is on the rise in the UK, costing the economy £770 million a year. When a property is empty, it is also an easy target for trespassers such as vandals and intruders. In these unparalleled times of closing restrictions, it may be more important than ever to protect your building. While CCTV cameras, alarms, and signage can play an important role in deterring a few “would-be” burglars, it is most effective to hire a professional security for vacant property.

Hire Iron Guard to Protect Vacant Properties

Vacant home security guards are highly trained to minimize the threat of squatters, trash collectors, vandals, and thieves. Whether you need a short-term, long-term, or around-the-clock solution, a team of licensed security guards will not only alleviate your concerns and provide you with complete peace of mind, but also save you time and money in the long run by preventing costly crimes from occurring at your premises, even if they are vacant for an extended period. Hiring a private home security guard who specializes in protecting vacant properties can take care of all these signs. Security for vacant property can also monitor CCTV cameras and respond quickly to signs of suspicious activity.

Iron Guards can help you to protect vacant commercial property

If your warehouse, industrial facility, office, or retail shop is vacant and no security measures are in place, your property is at risk of illegal occupation or damage. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many businesses across the UK being forced to close temporarily, while some businesses have permanently given up, while others have followed strict government guidelines and allowed their employees to work from home. That’s why we understand this has led to a significant increase in the number of vacant commercial properties in recent months.