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Our commitment is to keep you safe & secure. You must be vigilant today to be safe tomorrow. Professional security guard company with reliable services. The ultimate in prevention at the highest level. Iron Guard is a reliable service you can count on.

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About Us

Iron Guards is one of the most competent and professional security companies in Los Angeles. We serve with integrity. Your business is in good hands with us; we will protect it with ours. Our mission is to provide you with the right security solutions for your security needs, whether it’s about event security, hospital security, hotels, residences, schools, retail security services, or anything else you need. In every industry, there are specific security requirements. Because we specialize in all sectors, we offer comprehensive security assessments to identify vulnerabilities in properties. Our highly trained staff employs the most advanced operational strategies to provide your business with maximum protection – and at a very competitive price.

Our Services

School Security

The security guard company Iron Guards makes students feel safer on campus.

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Building Security

Iron Guard security officers provide a sense of protection by providing critical skills intense and threatening situations. 

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Fire Watch Security

Following are some of the benefits you can get by availing our professional fire watch security guard services in your area:

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COVID-19 Entrance Screening​

At this time, screening everyone before entering a workplace or even as well as guard for screening is very important.

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Restaurant & Bar Security​

Iron Guard security guard for bar video surveillance can help prevent theft

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Access Point Control​

Iron Guards security company is also providing the service of access point controller.

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Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Quick Response Time

Our reaction to any situation is very immediate, when it comes to incident response every second counts. It is paramount that the threat is found out and remediated as quickly as possible. We have a dedicated team with On time responses.

24/7 Communication

Iron Guards is offering exceptional services that you can count on 24/7. We promise that we will always be there for you when you need us in every situation

Handle Security Issues Efficiently

Efficiently handling security issues is one of the most important roles. We can make the critical situation easy to avoid panic and escalation of the threat. It is easy for us to address and resolve the issue effectively.

Affordable & Reliable

We are providing security guard services with excellence at a very affordable rate. Our company is working to keep you secure. Every day. Everywhere

Advance Technology

We are committing to protect you by using the most cutting-edge, efficient, and diligent security technology. Iron guards' main concern is to provide you with the best security guard services.

Trained & Certified Officers

Iron Guards offers a quality team full of professionalism and experienced security guard services. What is important for you is also important for us. Our trained officers never take their duties lightly, experts can create comprehensive security for your assets.

Best Security Guard Company

Thank you for taking the time to visit our security guard company website. Your feedback and suggestions will help us to improve our services. Once again, we are grateful. In case you have any queries, please do get in touch with us. Your present & future is secure with us!